As you might already know, we are a company offering (along with other services) Hosted PBX services.
These PBX services usually start at $0/month and then the price increases depending on the options you need added/modified.
We are now offering our customers the opportunity to resell this service, providing them with a full white label reseller interface.
We offer this service as a billing interface which can be enabled per PBX (so you can have PBX instances - customers - for which you can enable billing and customers for which you will not be enabling billing)
Your first ever billing-enabled White Label interface will be free of charge for the first month and $20/month thereafter. All subsequent White Label - second, third, etc - accounts opened will be charged at $20/month from the moment they are enabled. Disabling and then re-enabling a White Label account (even if done in a 10 seconds interval), will be charged for another $20.

Enabling billing services

If you are reading this, we will presume you have already created a PBX instance or more and that you know how to manage these . If not, please refer to http://help.multitel.net/display/HPBX

Here are the steps involved






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