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This API is provided for developers who want to integrate with or build on top of our voice platform.

Our APIs provide access to resources (data entities) via URI paths. To use a REST API, your application will make an HTTP request and parse the response. By default, the response format is JSON.To use the SOAP API, your application will make a XML/HTTP request and parse the response.

Your methods will be the standard HTTP methods GET and POST.  Because the API is based on open standards, you can use any web development language to access the API.

API methods

We are offering an API system that implements both XML/HTTP SOAP  and REST/JSON functions.  About 90% of the functions have the same parameters in both SOAP and REST variants.

All SOAP functions are available via

All REST functions are callable via


By default you can authenticate using your MultiTEL/VoiceWire username and password.

You can also define new users that are allowed to perform API actions only (they will have no access to the website). You can do this here:

Specifying an IP address will restrict API calls to that IP only:

If using REST, all calls should contain the UserName and Password:


More ways to display results

Most of the functions will work as:

(for CSV you also have the "download" parameter which allows you to trigger a file download)

While (depending on the function) , CSV or XML might not work, JSON will always work.