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This function will retrieve a list of all numbers that you have provisioned with E911 service.

Sample URLs


List of parameters:

outputYesOne of :  json , xml , csv
usernameYesYour account username or API username.
passwordYesYour account password or API password.

Information on output values:

Key nameDescription
NUMBERPhone number associated with this record
CALLERNAMEEnd-user name
ADDRESSAddress for this E911 record
ADDRESS2Additional information on address
STATEState name for this address
CITYCity name for this address
ZIPZIP code for this address
IPIP Address that was used when provisioning this address (will show up as if provisioned via web interface rather than API)
DATEDate (UTC) when this number was provisioned

Sample output - XML

<?xml version="1.0"?> <DATA> <NUMBER>1234567890</NUMBER> <CALLERNAME>JOHN DOE</CALLERNAME> <ADDRESS>123 Wall St</ADDRESS> <ADDRESS2></ADDRESS2> <STATE>NY</STATE> <CITY>New York</CITY> <ZIP>12345</ZIP> <IP></IP> <DATE>2015-04-02 19:59:06</DATE> </DATA> <DATA> <NUMBER>1987654321</NUMBER> <CALLERNAME>JANE DOE</CALLERNAME> <ADDRESS>153 Parkway Ave</ADDRESS> <ADDRESS2></ADDRESS2> <STATE>NY</STATE> <CITY>New York</CITY> <ZIP>12345</ZIP> <IP></IP> <DATE>2015-04-07 16:35:05</DATE> </DATA>