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Obtain technical and billing information about a number in your account.

Sample URIs


List of parameters:

outputYesOne of :  json , xml , csv
usernameYesYour account username or API username.
passwordYesYour account password or API password.
numberYesPhone number you are looking up

Information on output values:

Key nameDescription
NumberPhone number we are looking up
SetupCostNRC (Non recurrent charge) you paid fort his number
MonthlyChargesMRC (Monthly recurrent charges) you are paying for this number
PerMinuteChargesPer minute charges you are paying for inbound calls on this number
UriRing-to settings , URI
Uri2Ring-to settings, URI2
Uri3Ring-to settings, URI3
RingTypeRing-type ( 1: ring ; 2: music on hold)
ForwardDestination1: SIP, 2: Dial ; 7: SIP Account
FaxDetect(retired) 1/0 - Is Fax Detection enabled?
FaxRing(retired) 5 (seconds) - Number of seconds we will listen for fax ring tone
FaxEmail(retired) - Where will we send emails to?
CnamIs CNAM lookup enabled for this number? (1/0)
Vm(retired) is VoiceMail enabled for this number?
Vmring(retired) how many seconds should we ring primary URIs before forwarding to VoiceMail?
Vmtts(retired) Voicemail text to speech (vms2t )
Vmemail(retired) where should we forward the voicemails?
RemainingMinutesHow many free minutes remaining? (will show negative if none were given or if going over the quota)
FreeMinutesHow many free inbound minutes does this number have?
DescriptionDescription (user-set) for this number
ChannelsHow many channels are assigned to this number?
ServiceActiveIs this number active?
Voice_EnabledCan this number receive audio calls?
SMS_EnabledCan this number receive SMS/text messages?
MMS_EnabledCan this number receive MMS messages?
DateCreatedDate when number was purchased.

Sample output - JSON

"Channels":"5","Voice_Enabled":"1","MMS_Enabled":"0","Subaccount_Id":"312323333","DateCreated":"2013-09-10 14:24:11"}]}

Sample output - XML

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <DateCreated>2013-09-10 14:24:11</DateCreated>


  • All prices shown in the output of GetDIDInfo function are in $ USD, unless otherwise stated in the output of the function or by your account manager.