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This webservice will allow you to modify the RingTo (URI) address for a specific number.

Sample URL


List of parameters:

outputYesOne of :  json , xml , csv
usernameYesYour account username or API username.
passwordYesYour account password or API password.
numberYesPhone number you are looking up
newringtoYes/NoNew URI / ringto information (1)
newringto2Yes/NoNew URI2 / ringto information (2)
newringto3Yes/NoNew URI3 / ringto information (3)
smsuriYes/NoNew SMS URI
smsringtypeYes/NoNew SMS Ring type
sidYes/NoNew Subaccount ID

Information on output values:

Key nameDescription
RETURNPhone number if success , 0 if failed
STATUS200 if success, 403 if username/password incorrect, 500 if failure