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Release phone numbers from your account.

Sample URIs


List of parameters:

outputYesOne of :  json , xml , csv
usernameYesYour account username or API username.
passwordYesYour account password or API password.
numberYesThe number you are deleting/releasing

Information on output values:

Key nameDescription
RETURNReturns the purchased phone number on success, returns 0 on failure
STATUSReturns 200 on success, 500 on failure


If you are releasing a phone number that was also provisioned with E911 , this number will be unprovisioned with E911 . Please keep that in mind when releasing phone numbers.

Sample successful output - JSON


Sample successful output - XML

<?xml version="1.0"?> 
When releasing multiple numbers, the best way to do that is to loop through your number list and call the releasenumbers function for each of the numbers you are releasing.