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This function will allow you to send text (SMS) or multi-media (MMS) messages.

Sample URLs

List of parameters:

outputYesOne of :  json , xml , csv
usernameYesYour account username or API username.
passwordYesYour account password or API password.
fromYesSenderID (From) number
toYesDestination (To) number
textYesText (SMS) message
mediaNoMultiMedia (MMS) message - base64 encoded image.
notifyurlNoWe will POST the result of sending back to your notifyurl

Information on output values:

Key nameDescription
CAUSECODEWhy did this message failed? (or succeed?)  :   0 if success
MESSAGEClear text message describing the status of this message
UNIQUEIDUnique ID of this text message (use it along with notifyurl since this will be posted back)
COSTCost to send this message


Please note that (due to FCC regulations), we cannot send text messages to US & CA destinations from phone numbers that were not purchased from MultiTEL or from phone numbers that are not SMS enabled.


This service is not to be used for bulk SMS/MMS sending. Spam sending or bulk sending will not be tolerated.